Updates for May 1999

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I know, I know it's been a week and a half since I last updated... anyway I've been way busy... sorry.. Anyway today I put a background picture on the Dawson's Creek page, from the soundtrack, it's got an enhanced CD thing... Anyway so I adjusted a whole lot as a result. So I hope that works. And so I put up a news thing at the top of the page about the soundtrack. I promise I will update as much as I can, when I can!!!

Page landmarks since my last update: Alanis hit 5000, Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery hit 6000 (it's almost at 7 now), and the Useless Facts page hit 1000.


Wow! Time is a wonderful thing when you have it!
Anyway today I updated the Alanis and Backstreet news sections... Will try to update more soon!!! ONE WEEK 'til the Toronto Alanis concert!!


Sorry for neglecting so much...

Anyway I updated the BSB news, added a quote, put up a section on the DC page re: the soundtrack, and I updated some of the DC characters' page

Oh and page landmarks--Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery is at 7000 (my #1 page), and Dawson's Creek is at 4000.


Okay again sorry for so few updates.. a few more weeks and I'll begin to have more time *crosses fingers*.

Anyway so today I updated the Alanis news, and the quotes page.

And a recent page landmark: the main page hit 4000!!


All right today I did a mass organisation of the BSB lyrics/discography section, as I did on the Alanis section. I've decided that when I finally get around to putting all the lyrics up, I WON'T put up separate lyrics for the remixes, as it will take forever. But otherwise everything's set up! I also updated the discography, because the final tracklist of Millennium is already announced, so everything that I had there originally that didn't end up on Millennium is either now on the I Want It That Way single, or Unreleased.

And that's all, 'cause that took way too long!!!


All right today I updated the Alanis news, and the Backstreet news (Millennium's been leaked!).

Anyway also I'm in the process of moving Push A Little Farther to xoom.com (for many reasons). The new Push A Little Farther will be found at http://members.xoom.com/pushabc/ . I am in the process of getting everything sorted out... You should be able to access that whole site from there, and I will make the entire move within the next month or two.


Still moving Push a Little Farther... long process...

Anyway I also updated some of the Millennium lyrics. There are four complete songs there now, and that's it.



I forgot to change the site of the week for a few weeks now!! So I've done it!

I'm making some small efforts towards moving Push A Little Farther.

Anyway I updated the Backstreet news, and I also added 14 pictures from I Want It That Way, the video.

I also updated the credits, and guestbook sign page, as well as the links.

And the Jaime Pressly pic gallery hit 8000 recently...


I promise that in a few weeks I will begin to update more regularly.

Okay today I changed the site of the week. I also added a link on Push A Little Farther. I made a little update on the Alanis/DC article, I put some soundtrack info and some other Alanis info on that page, because it's relevant. I put up a June updates page, and as a result updated the site map and the fonts page.

And a page landmark-Push Picture Gallery reached 7000. And that's it for today!


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